We specialize in custom machining for Multivac™ packaging equipment including seal plates, divider sets, special inserts, heating plates, Forming Heads and Bottoms, and other replacement die components. We offer engineering and design services for new packaging ideas and tooling requirements. We partner with you from concept to manufacturing regarding new package and tooling requirements.

Other Fabrication Services

  • Fabrication of replacement rollersshafts, and special parts for Multivac™ equipment.
  • Custom manufacturing of cutting units and replacement components for existing Multivac™ equipment.
  • Sealing and forming heat plates including special sealing profiles and designs for various product packaging requirements.
  • Reliable service with fast turnaround times for repair of worn or damaged die components, including welding and machining.

Replacement Seal Plates

Total Seal Plates

A duplicate seal plate is the most cost-effective way to avoid unnecessary downtime with your packaging equipment. While sending your damaged seal plate in for repair, why not have us make you a duplicate?

Perimeter Seal Plates

Perimeter seal face plates provide maintenance teams the advantage of easily changing out the Teflon-coated plates without having to rebuild the entire seal plate. We offer these face plates in both bonded aluminum and G10 material.

Fabrication Services

Forming Dies

The forming die is responsible for shaping the flat packaging material. It creates a cavity or pocket with the appropriate dimensions and shape for holding the product. We can customize forming dies to exacting packaging requirements such as pouch size, shape, and design.

Forming Die Inserts

Properly designed filler plates contribute to the overall efficiency of horizontal form, fill, and seal packaging machines. They allow for precise and repeatable pouch forming and filling. This reduces waste and increases production speed.

Complete Divider Set

Divider sets are a cost-effective solution for those looking to expand their existing equipment. Divider sets are engineered to perfectly match your machine’s web width and cut-off while offering a customizable grid and pocket depth to match the product you are packaging.

FAQ about our Process

What does Inter-Tech need to design and fabricate custom sealing or forming Dies?

For all fabrication jobs, we require an actual tooling sample to be sent. This allows our team to accurately measure and quote you on the cost and lead time for your tooling job. Upon approval, we will make a CAD drawing and proceed with production.

How long will the quoting process take?

Typically 2-3 business days. Upon receiving your valued tooling, we will quickly measure and assess the costs, materials, and lead times required to complete your quote.

What are some benefits of filler plates?

  1. Optimal Seal Integrity
  2. Flexibility in Packaging Size
  3. Efficient Resource Utilization
  4. Improved Air Evacuation
  5. Prevents Bag Creases and Wrinkles
  6. Enhanced Operator Safety
  7. Consistent Production Output

Do You Offer a Rush Service?

As a manufacturer of custom dies and tooling for both OEM and end-users throughout the packaging industry, our ‘normal’ lead time for the machining of custom tooling is quite competitive, but we understand that the needs of our customers are critical.  If your line is down or your needs require expedited lead times, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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