In-House Repairs

Custom OEM Quality Parts For Your Packaging Equipment

We have spent 38 years honing our tooling repair and service center. By its very nature, thermoforming packaging equipment places immense heat and wear on your machine’s forming and sealing plates.  Machine operators and maintenance teams will notice changes in the performance such as poor molding and package sealing. We always recommend keeping your plates in top condition. Inter-Tech offers complete refurbishing of seal and heat plates with fast turn-around times.

Sealing Plate Overhaul

Forming And Sealing Die Overhaul

At Inter-Tech Supplies, we offer our specialized overhaul and refurbishing services for heating and sealing plates across a broad spectrum of packaging machinery. Our Teflon coating services and comprehensive repairs are designed to meet the needs of any packaging operation, ensuring that all work meets or exceeds OEM standards. Our standard seal plate overhaul package includes:

Are you interested in a Duplicate Seal Plate?

Prevent downtime: Send your seal plate for repair and request a quote for a duplicate. Quick turnaround, ensuring continuous operation.

Other Repair Services

Repair and refurbishing of cutting units and components of various styles from flying crosscut knife units to guillotine-style cutting units and punches. We repair or replace all necessary parts to OEM specifications. We also manufacture new cutting units.

Crosscut knife Assemblies

Guillotine Assemblies